Things To Know

tTt Policies

Hello and Welcome to T-Therapeutiks*

I know that many of you may have questions about how services are conducted, hopefully, this will answer any questions.  If not, you may always email or call for your convenience.  

First of all, my business is temporarily located inside of a brick and mortar building in East Atlanta.  I rent a suite inside of an old insurance building.   
I’m happy to be here, we all must crawl before we walk and I’m elated for the crawl—for the walk will Be stupendous!

T-Therapeutiks is a Massage and SkinCare business established in 2012.  This business is built with my heart and my soul and I put that into each and every client I meet.  There are no bells and whistles here, I am a healer and that is what I live to do.  

Please keep that in mind when seeking an appointment with me.  

Mission statements – To touch with love—to heal with touch

Company policies –

All discounted and first time sessions must be booked by speaking to Tasha—via phone.  No texts, emails, or online bookings will be accepted.  There are no same day appointments redeeming vouchers, all of those appointments will be booked 24- hours in advance Only .

I‘ve learned to be more personable in my craft.  I like to hear your voice and for you to hear mines—it just feels better that way to me.  

Please—don’t bring company.  

I rent a small space in a busy building.  There’s just enough room for you and I to be comfortably in.  Although, there is a lobby/reception area, and if your guest is getting a session done next, then it’s totally fine.  Please, don’t bring your children.  I will not be held liable in case something happens.  

All sessions are tailored to each client’s needs, if you have specific concerns or concern, please feel free to call ahead and let’s address them at that time.
The time booked for your session includes; consult, wardrobe change, cashing out and rebooking, if needed.  Therefore, your one hour session is one hour only—including all of these things.  This is not one hour hands on—please be aware.


24-hour Policy 

T-Therapeutiks must be notified via phone/text AT LEAST 24-hours before your appointment time if any need to cancel or reschedule the appointment.  

Grace Period/Tardiness

Clients are granted a fifteen minute grace period if a client is running late, after that the appointment is canceled and marked as a no-show.  This time will be deducted from your session as well, except in extenuating circumstances, of course.  

A phone call goes a long way!